AKB Kundengeschichten
ZOOM Intro's & Station ID's
LGT Young Soloists & Tina Weirather. Gothuey & Partner, Spindlerfilms
Zurich Excellence Foundation. Producer: Beck&Friends
Like Notes of Music. Documentary. Painter, Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff.. Producer: Magee Productions
Paper Plane: A small image film. Producer: Avista Films
Illy Cafe: Part of image film. Producer: Avista Films
Hawa Employees: Most important: The staff, this is part of the image film. Producer: Avista Films
Performance. Artist: Ursula Rutishauser
Baden: Portrait of a city. 7 international awards. Producer: Avista Films
Jansen Tubes: Intro. Producer: Avista Films
Babel everywhere: Trailer. Art project with 120 students and artists
Washington & Lee University. Director of photography, Michael Spindler. Producer: Tribe Pictures
Metrwatt international. Producer: Avista Films
Ringier publisher Image, short.